For as long as I can remember, I have always loved colourful things and admired handmade items. When I came to Australia almost 20 years ago from Korea following my husband, I was very excited with the difference in the culture. I started quilting and teddy bear making classes and developed my own colour schemes.

​A few years later, I got bored (but I still love them). One day I saw a calligraphy book in a bookshop and I thought I might give it a go. I was struggling and frustrated as I could not seem to make the beautiful letters I saw in the books. I looked everywhere to try to find a beginner’s course, without any luck. Then I had to move to Sydney, there I started my calligraphic journey in 2003.

​I met Olive Bull (Calligrapher) in 2005 in a workshop and realised how little I knew about calligraphy. In 2007 I moved back to Melbourne and became a very active member of CSV (Calligraphy Society of Victoria). I have been very fortunate to meet wonderful tutors not only in Australia but also from all over the world through the yearly conference Summer School in Winter (SSIW).

​People started to asked me to teach. Teaching is great joy to me and I love to pass on what I have learnt and continue to learn not only from other tutors but quite often from my students as well.

I also enjoy other art forms especially anything involving paper and inks, such as bookbinding, box making, printmaking and botanical art.

​Currently I am teaching through CSV workshops and conduct distance classes for my fellow Korean students and a few Australian students.