MASSIMO POLELLO from Turin, Italy


23rd, 24th, 25th March 2018 9:00AM - 4:30PM


St Joseph’s Hall , Rouse Street , Port Melbourne.


Members $300
Non-Members $360


Order and Chaos


We all know Massimo so well having been in Melbourne in 2013 and 2014. He has the ability to make all students whatever their level, feel comfortable with the challenges he presents.

IF you have always wanted to learn to write Roman Capitals with a flat brush this is your opportunity.

This will be combined with other lettering style you already are familiar with.

The Lettera Capitalis Monumentalis as the perfect example of precision , equilibrium & ORDER in the classic and purest sense of the word, so the aim of the first part of the course is to present the Roman letters in their purest forms, their construction, ductus, proportions and spacing, written initially with an ordinary pencil and then with a flat brush. Even at this early stage we might start to realise that the Lettera Romana is perhaps not as in order as it seems, and that its basic shape always depends on fortune, the time and the moment of writing.

The second part on the other hand will develop and explore the different ways of executing a freer form of writing, freer in the sense of unexpected, random and fantastic. In brief, a form of writing that is driven by instinct, and comes from the “gut”, writing that arises from Dionysus’ CHAOS, which has apparently no rules. Suggested ways of doing this type of research includes “dripping”, writing with your eyes closed or pictorial gestural techniques, but the aim is to encourage every student to develop his/her own technique. Finally, we will combine capitalis letters and free writing, Order and Chaos, Apollonian and Dionysian making and binding a book.