Patricia Lovett


Friday, December 29th 2017


The Carmelite Library 214 Richardson Street, Middle Park 3206


$10 (light refreshments will be served)


Patricia Lovett MBE


Patricia Lovett MBE is a practising calligrapher and illuminator and a world-renowned authority on the practical aspects of how manuscripts were made having lectured and taught all over the world including at Harvard, the National Library of New Zealand, the State Library of NSW, the British Library, the University of London and the Courtauld Institute, the Fitzwilliam Museum and many other prestigious venues. She has written over a dozen books on the subject and her latest, The Art and History of Calligraphy, was published by the British Library in May this year. Patricia was awarded a National Honour for heritage crafts and calligraphy.

'Beautiful writing’ has been around for millennia and in this talk Patricia Lovett MBE will consider what is beautiful writing from the first women’s handwriting in the UK to artworks produced within the last few years. On the way she will take in one of the world’s greatest treasures, the Lindisfarne Gospels, how mediaeval manuscripts affect us today, and how calligraphy can interpret mathematics, politics and typography.
Patricia will have her books for sale and will write in names calligraphically as well as sign them.